Dr. Maja Guldborg

My long striving to acquire great knowledge about the neurological function, the cooperation between the brain and body, creates the foundation for all of my treatments. It is very essential for me to make the whole body work to its most optimal ability, otherwise we risk spending a lifetime in a compensation course with an unknown number of different examinations and treatment techniques. Resulting in what many know through reduced performance, change in the locomotor system and deviating behavior etc.

A changed body function will always change the neurological function and a changed neurological function will always change the body function. It is not possible to quick fix a body, and it is rare that dysfunctionality is only in one local spot. A body is not like a car where you can exchange a part and everything is good. Knowledge about the nervous system and neurohabilitation has made a huge difference in my practice and the results achieved.

Cooperation through rehabilitation in the right function is crucial to achieve the maximum stability and thereby reducing the risk of regression and new injuries. The body has an athletic function that needs to be nursed and serviced, to reach top performance, joy of life, life quality and durability.

The Royal Veterinary Agricultural College

I received my veterinary education in 1996 at The Royal Veterinary Agricultural College.

Veterinary hospital

I was hired on the spot at Faxe veterinary hospital, where I worked until 2004, with orthopedics as the main area of interest. Concurrently with my employment in Faxe, I took continuing education in acupuncture and chiropractic for animals.

Self employed

I started my own practice in 2004. Shortly after I took a 3-year masters degree in functional neurology in the USA, which has created the basis for my occupation with disorders related to the nervous system and the locomotor system (Neck/back). In short: the function of the whole body.

Since 2010,  6-12 times a year, I take humane modules in functional neurology in either London, Amsterdam or the U.S.A and still do.

These courses have given me so much knowledge that I have now passed the 2 supreme degrees in human functional neurology. Equivalent to the diplom degree: FIBFN Fellow International Board Functional Neurology and FACFN Fellow American Chiropractic Functional Neurology.

“The more we know – The more we know what we don’t know”


Inhoud van de lezing:

The role, benefits and application of functional neurology in the remedy of canine disease and problem behaviour.

When we experience a behavior-related problem, either acutely arising after a trauma or just creeping up over time, the owner often seeks help from his vet and/or a behavioral therapist. There are many approaches and principles for treating problematic behaviour, for some it is medicine, others need changes in handling, socialization, etc., while others respond to e.g. chiropractic treatment as the behavior is due to pain….
But there are also some who do not respond regardless of approach and tenacious owners.

Genetically, we can select for, or out of, certain tendencies towards behaviour, and the dog’s environment during its upbringing is also really important for the outcome. In addition, there is one factor which plays an unusually large role, and that is the function of the brain in the individual. The more we learn about the brain and the functioning of the nervous system, the better chance there is of getting the real cause of a large part of unwanted behavior taken care of.

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