Niki Tudge

Niki is a certified Dog Behavior Consultant and holds reputable health and fitness certifications.

As the founder and President of The Pet Professional Guild, DogNostics Education, and The DogSmith, Niki has substantial leadership experience in the pet industry. Niki has published numerous articles on dog training and behavior, and her pet dog training businesses have been featured in many publications, including The New York Times.

Niki’s professional credentials include; AABP-Professional Dog Trainer, AABP-Professional Dog Behavior Consultant, PCBC-A, and PCT-A through the Pet Professional Accrediting Board. Niki also earned diplomas in Animal Behavior Technology and Canine Behavior Science & Technology through the Companion Animal Science Institute.

Along with Niki’s business degree and M.B.A. from Oxford Brookes University, she is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, an HCITB TS1, TS2 & TS3 certified people trainer, and a certified Team Facilitator and Project Manager. Niki also holds certifications as a Transformational Coach.

To compliment Nikis’ dog behavior skills and experience, she is also a certified Fitness Instructor, Walking & Running Coach and carries several certifications in the health and fitness industry. Additionally, Niki offers coaching and programs through her Run With Your Bestie business.

Her professional credentials include; International Sports Science Association (ISSA) certified fitness trainer, ISSA certified transformation specialist, nutritional coach, and ISSA elite trainer. Niki is also a certified ChiWalking and ChiRunning coach. In addition, she has completed the well-known M.A.F. Foundations certificate course developed by Dr. Phil Maffatone and is a supporter of the M.A.F. system.

Inhoud van de lezing:

Learn How to Enjoy More Success with Your Virtual or Live Training Programs by Implementing Motivational Interviewing and Commitment Strategies. 

Behavior change for clients is a game we continue to play without always getting reliable results. How often do clients drop out of programs, not rebook sessions, or ask to be referred to an alternative trainer?

One of the most stated reasons by professional trainers for a failure to perform successful services in pet training is that the client was not committed, or was non-compliant. Clients, just like all human beings, make choices that do not always align with their goals and may sometimes lack self-control. However, commitment to a training program can be resolved by unmasking and addressing ambivalence. Consequently, compliance can be sought through the implementation of commitment strategies.

As professional trainers, we may feel intense pressure to quickly prove to our clients the efficacy and effectiveness of our approach and methods. As individuals advocating for humane, practical strategies, we strive to stand out amongst the competition. Lacking speedy results, we may fear the abandonment of clients moving towards quick-fix solutions and electronic devices, many of which leave pets in peril.

While professional pet trainers are armed with the relevant academic knowledge and skills needed to train pets, their success as people trainers is predicated on changing their clients’ personal behavior in their interactions with their pets.

What pet trainers need and what has been provided through their education is often very different. They also need up-to-date, evidence-based and innovative approaches to changing human behavior, not only for their individual case success, but also to promote the humane and ethical side of pet training.

In this webinar, Niki will introduce the concept of Motivational Interviewing and Commitment Strategies. Learn how these can be used to harness a client’s ambivalence and then use this ambivalence to provide motivation for effective behavior change. She will also discuss various types of commitment strategies that can be used to hold clients accountable for their own words and goals.